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For years I was someone who frequently visited nail salons to have my acrylics done. I always hated the wait time at the salons, the amount of time it took to actually have them done and how hard it was to take them off at the end of their wear time. So I thought I’d try something new and do my own nails at home but with fake nails. I would start off keeping them simple with simple shapes and colours and then released how much better they were for me! I was saving so much money and time, my nails were feeling so much stronger and they were much easier to put on and take off. What was even better was when I removed them I was able to stick the same set on again as they were reusable!

While studying at university, in one of my classes we had to create a name and logo for a little exercise where I came up with the name and logo for b.beauté. The B standing for Brittany and the Beaute because I loved all things beauty! After that my goal has always been to make b.beauté into something special that I would love and so would others. Which is when this little nail project went underway.



More than just a way to earn some extra money from working from the dining room table at home. b.beauté has it’s own studio setup away from home where full focus can be put towards producing the best designs and highest quality luxury press on nails.