Cuticle Oil


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Our homemade cuticle oils are 100% New Zealand based, with all locally sourced organic ingredients. For best results apply directly to the cuticle area morning and night. But can be reapplied as required throughout the day.


Jojoba oil; has a variety of healing properties that are effective in repairing damaged collagen matrix inside nail beds, improving strength and promoting healthy nail growth.

Avocado Oil; boosts keratin content due to the potassium in avocados, which strengthens nails, and vitamin E gives nails a natural luster while encouraging healthy growth. 

Olive oil; aids in nail growth. Because of the rich vitamin E olive oil contains, it is extremely moisturizing and easily absorbed

Lemon Essential Oil; has antioxidant properties which are beneficial for supporting skin and nail health.

Lavender Essential Oil; helps to strengthen the nails and cuticles and keeps them both moisturized. It is deeply hydrating and soothing, which makes it an excellent choice for dry, ragged or inflamed cuticles.

Rosemary Essential Oil; aids in healing the skin and nail diseases. It will not only help with nail fungus treatment, it may also assist with the skin around the nails.

Size: 10ml

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